Dare to demand

Stop waiting for "something". Take action: 19® makes the impossible possible. So be ambitious, because your craziest dreams are becoming a reality.

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A modern and unorthodox family whose geometric figures can play to all of 19®’s wishes. A collection of nine weights lets you speak the bold, the creative, the whimsical and the delicate all at once.

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Colors & shades

19® can’t be confined to one colour. Or one hundred. Born from 6 vivacious tones, the palette is a vibrance that spans the gamut in between colours for a collection of passionate, audaciously bright shades.

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Smart and small, they’re like our beloved brand: they can stand for absolutely anything.

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Dare to ask for more. Generosity & selfishness, 19® makes it happen. Each promise holds a better future for the world, and a better future for yourself. Each image encapsulates emotion - be that the joy of the dream, or the dedication to the promise.

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